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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We can watch history repeating itself on the mean streets of Chicago. Is Memphis all that different?

The gang violence of the 1920’s is the same 80 years later: it is driven by a prohibition that increases crime, violence, disease and death. The land of Al Capone should read the history books: just as alcohol prohibition in the 1920’s caused Chicago to erupt in gang violence in Capone’s era, drug prohibition is the root of gang warfare in Chicago in 2008. The black market drug trade fuels the violence, and as long as prohibition continues, the resulting violence will only increase.
This opinion isn't drafted by some junkie, rather current and former law enforcement professionals. We certainly aren't immune to the perils of prohibition. What's worse, individuals getting high in the privacy and safety of their own home or people dying of gangland violence fueled by the high profits of drugs on a black market? End the drug war, end the violence.

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition