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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Memphis Police are hard at work cracking down on non-violent crime. This time it's the johns they're after:

...[A]uthorities will attempt to seize 42 cars: 39 from those charged with soliciting prostitutes, as well as one from a suspect facing drug charges and two because the owners had revoked driver's licenses.

"They were used in the commission of a crime. Under state law, they are subject to seizure," Dist. Atty. Gen. Bill Gibbons said, when asked if the seizures seemed excessive. "I think it's a good law. But if you think it's too stringent, talk to your legislators."
Added Memphis Police director Larry Godwin: "I'd say seize every dadgum vehicle and send a message."
These "crimes" are consensual and non-violent. Surely we have higher priorities in the most violent city in America. And they're seizing the cars because its impossible to pick up a prostitute in Memphis without one?

This operation comes on the heels of "Operation Sudden Impact" where dozens of terrorists were captured before unleashing their wrath on the city. Well not really.

Update: The Agitator picked this story up today 4/24/2008.