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Sunday, April 20, 2008

I arrived home yesterday and checked my mail box. Finally my "Never Get Raided" video was here. Shipping seemed to take forever, 3 weeks, but I ordered early so I was able to get an autographed copy. Barry and Candy Cooper are doing yeoman's work in the cannabis culture. I'm so glad they produced this video and hope that every cannabis user and person interested in cannabis law reform watches it.

As a former drug cop and baddass, Barry's message is unique. Now he works on the citizen's side of the law, instructing people how to protect themselves from having their lives ruined by tyrannical and draconian drug policy. His compassion is evident as he describes the lives destroyed by aggressive and violent police tactics. He specifically shows concern for families ruined by the war on drugs.

After seeing Never Get Busted Volume 1: Traffic Stops, I was amazed at the amount of gossip and misinformation the average stoner gets from his friends in avoiding police protection. There is a misconception that coffee grounds and other masking agents fool drug dogs. Dogs can separate smell with their nose, like we can color with our eyes. A dog will smell both coffee and cannabis in the same container, even if we can't. Volume 2: Never Get Raided is full of cannabis proverbs as well.

The first chapter [Youtube Video] covers growing cannabis outdoors or guerrilla growing. Barry takes you to a cannabis field to show you how law enforcement searches from helicopters to detect grow operations. Provided among the tips is a running commentary about the irrationality, stupidity, and futility of the drug war. The police will brag about busting 7 fields while failing to irradicate thousands more. Cannabis remains the number one cash crop in the nation, says Barry, it ranks just above corn. Corn! With all of the government subsidies corn corn farmers get, the millions of acres planted with it, with the 1000's of uses corn has from biofuel to sweetener, cannabis is still numero uno.

Barry then unearths a myriad of myths and speculation about how FLIR cameras work to detect indoor cannabis gardens. Spoiler: It's not your lights they look for, its the heat of your exhaust. You must see the actual FLIR video he took, where he uncovers an indoor garden. He also covers how to obtain indoor grow room equipment undetected, both online and brick and mortar.

The "Selling Drugs Undetected" chapter involves a complicated scheme of evasion and drop off locations. Frankly, the technique he describes just wouldn't be practical for small casual sales. There are other useful tips in this chapter you shouldn't miss especially about "talking business" and prepaid cell phones.

Detecting undercovers and informants is probably the most critical chapter for the average smoker to watch. Desperate friends will rat on you if they're in trouble. He covers how these snitches behave in order to deceive you. A Barry gem: A (clean) cop will never take a bong hit.

The most unique lesson he teaches comes in the Avoiding Knock and Talks chapter. When the police knock on the door to ask you questions, there is no reason you ever need to open the door for them. You are in no way obligated to talk to them or comply with their instructions. I'll say it again, whether or not you have anything to hide, "NEVER OPEN YOUR DOOR FOR THE POLICE!" If the police have the authority to enter your home, make them kick the door down. If they aren't willing to do that then they have no choice but to go away. He teaches, through the anecdote of a busted grower, the techniques that cops will use to manipulate and coerce you into complying with their investigation. I'll save the rest of the details for the video.

One of the strange paradoxes you'll learn is that, unlike your vehicle, in your home you want EVERYTHING to smell like cannabis. Barry teaches you how to ensure that that happens. If everything smells like bud, there's no way a drug detector dog can distinguish between the ubiquitous smell of cannabis and your well hidden stash.

That's about it. I recommend you buy this video for yourself and those that care about. Barry does give permission for you to make copies of the video that you buy for your friends, but requests that you at least buy one copy for the permission to do this.

Barry and Candy now write for Cannabis Culture Magazine, available next to High Times at Bookstar at Poplar Plaza. They are working on NGB Volume 3: 50/50, were they will document the use of alcohol and then cannabis on the same 50 people.

Barry Cooper, Mark Emery, and I all have very lovely wives, even though we might not be much to look at. That says something for responsible, cannabis using men. We take care of the ladies.