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Monday, April 21, 2008

The Agitator, Radley Balko sounds off again on the Memphis Inquisition on April 13. Via Reason Magazine:

What's really unfortunate is the complete lack of inquisitiveness in the local media. How many of these raids were backed by search warrants? What justification did police give for the traffic roadblocks and traffic stops? Random stops and roadblocks are only legal under limited circumstances. Fishing expeditions aren't one of them, though fishing expeditions disguised as DWI checkpoints usually are.
Guess what, Radley? This is par for the course in Memphis, TN, where the only investigative journalism is the weekly restaurant health department scores. Remember that drunk off-duty cop who shot up the bar a few weeks ago? Yeah, neither does anyone else. Here we're too busy dodging bullets to be concerned with getting pulled over on traffic violation.

Most of the locals here keep hollering for more police protection, more checkpoints, more arrests, more incarcerations, and longer sentences. Meanwhile we're looking at a 17% property tax increase, for what?

BTW, it was Free Talk Live coverage, not local media that got my attention.