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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Martial Law Memphis Style

Well we're blowing up on the bloggosphere here in Memphis. I'm rather underwhelmed with our Anti-Terrorism response, "Operation Sudden Impact" was more like Operation Dull Thud. I mean I never noticed any extra police activity on April 13. I try to miss all the local newscasts, and I can't abide listening to AM 600 for news anymore. Mike Fleming is a racist windbag of David Duke proportions. No one can mix a metaphor like Mike can. I digress.

We Memphians have one of the most violent cities in the US and we're using Federal anti-terrorism money to arrest people for petty, non-violent offenses. Does anyone else see a problem with this behavior? We're just stuck on stupid I guess. I'm a little embarrassed for our city, again.

Radley Balko mentioned us here.
Free Talk Live covered the story was covered in the last 20 minutes of Friday's show, MP3 here.
Alex Jones' Prison Planet has the scoop for the tin-foil hat crowd.