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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Reason Mag editor Jacob Sullivan is interviewed by the Western Standard.

My favorite question: "Can you get a little bit high?" Wow, the ignorance propagated by the drug tyrants never cease to amaze me. I really like the answer. To summarize, if cannabis were legal there would be a full range of preparations ranging from super potent hashish to mild teas and salves, much like you can buy alcohol in forms ranging from O'Douls at less than 1% to Everclear at 95% alcohol.

Cannabis is so expensive and rare right now virtually the only economical form is unprocessed smokable bud. Users don't experiment with preparations because the risk of messing things up and loosing it are too great. Manufacturing preparations brings a whole plethora of legal risks, like additional charges if discovered. You could feasibly make a pain relieving salve that doesn't intoxicate you at all but that wouldn't make much since unless you could afford those risks.