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Thursday, March 13, 2008

I've been sick. I left work early yesterday and I've been feeling progressively worse. I think I'm just going to write the rest of the night.

This news kinda sucks
. I've been to South Padre before, beautiful white sand beaches. Back in the 90's it was much cleaner than Daytona or Panama City, Beach Florida, both hot vacation spots. Destin is the Gulf Coast's best kept secret, but I digress. One of the benefits to S. Padre is its proximity to Matamoros, Mexico. It only takes an afternoon to go shopping at the markets of Matamoros, with plenty of time to get back to the the States before dark.

Now we're getting warnings that a Mexico is gangland territory due to violent thugs armed to the teeth with guns purchased with obscene black market drug profits.

News of gun battles between Mexican soldiers and drug cartels in border cities are keeping tourists away and prompting many parents to dole out a stern warning: "Don't go to Mexico."
That's bullshit mang! Instead of keeping cannabis safe and legal, we're fueling third world tribal wars. Instead of allowing cannabis cultivation here we're outsourcing the job to violent criminals in Mexico, that even makes less sense than outsourcing computer phone support to countries that don't speak understandable English.

There is another consequence to this insane policy. Do you really think that good ole Jose' is going to want to raise his babies in the midst of a civil war. I'd hightail it across the border where its safer and my job prospects are a lot better. Is it possible that the illegal immigration problem is really a refugee problem fueled by the war on drugs?