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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

WREG-TV Memphis - Updated: "Rape Dance" Investigation appears on national cable news:

"The clip labeled, 'Mitchell High School Memphis ... Rape Dat Ho,' was posted last month. It was flagged as offensive then taken down, but not before News Channel 3 recorded the clip on tape.

The images are disturbing. They are graphic and hard to watch. It shows young men and women engaging in what one parent described as 'sex with clothes on.
Are you freaking kidding me? In Memphis, TN we're seriously worried about kids simulating having sex. It's Elvis on TV all over again. Lets just make a rule that these kids have to be filmed from the waist up. Have we come that far as a city that the only thing we have to worry about is kids simulating a sex act?

To put things in perspective, there was a shooting at Mitchell High School earlier this semester. This whole ordeal is a freaking embarrassment to the city. Our city school system has completely failed our children and we're worried about kids dirty dancing, while Bill O'Reilly blows his load watching. O'Reilly is the same pervert that settled a sexual harassment lawsuit a few years ago. These are the deck chairs we're arranging on the Titanic of the city government.

The people that are blaming the kids the most are the ones that are helping them the least. Not one dime of the school system's money should be wasted on any further investigation.