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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Normally a medical study touting the dangers of cannabis would throw up all kinds of red flags with me. This one is a direct consequence of the drug war.

A New England Journal of Medicine report describes a mysterious rash of unexplained cases of lead poisoning in Germany.

After 8 weeks, we detected a common pattern: the patients were young, were unemployed or were students, had a history of smoking, and had body piercings. On questioning, all the patients eventually conceded that they were regular users of marijuana smoked in "joint" form or with the use of a water pipe.

Turns out the dealers, in order to stack some extra paper, were dusting their weed with lead powder. Now I'm going to assume that this wasn't malicious, rather it was a couple of thugs not realizing that they were poisoning people, not just ripping them off.

What pisses me off about this is that people will use this story to convince people that cannabis is bad for you. The truth is, things would not happen like this if people were able to buy cannabis freely without fear of having their door kicked in. Because selling cannabis is illegal you can't get it from a legitimate merchant. Instead you have to go to a dangerous thug who will poison you.

It is inhumane that some people would rather see cannabis users be poisoned than be altered.